French door blinds is a type of door covering, usually installed on the doors which use glass or other transparent things as their materials. The door blinds is made to protect everything inside the house but most of it, is the owner’s privacy from the view of the people outside. The door blinds is made from several horizontal slats, made from varying material from plastic, wood, and even metal. They’re controlled and held together by a cord running through the slats.

There are also some blinds that use vertical slats. Either it is horizontal or vertical; the slats can be manually readjusted, from open to close position. What makes a door blind important on French door, is the spacious, large path they made because French doors are consist of two door which works opposite of each other, with transparent materials that large space is too uncomfortable to let people outside watching something happens on the house.

Other things that can be used to prevent the mob outside the house watching what happening in the inside of the house, is French Door Curtains. Different from the blinds, it is the simplest way to get a covering job done. Rather than using a number of slats, curtains use only one cloth to cover the view from outside. Curtains are just like the slats, it lets you to control how much the sun light can pierce through the inside. There is no significant difference between the curtains and slats, other than the differences on the number of the things covering the door. But curtains are more vulnerable to dust and dirt than the slats.

French door handles are also something that need to paid attention as they are also somewhat different from ordinary door handles because of the door design. Having French door may improve your house visual aspect, it’s stylish and practical. However, but there are something that you should concern the most is to have the view that exposed by the French door design covered, either by using door curtains or the blinds, or French shutters, as some people prefer to call them shutter rather than blinds or slats.

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