Have a small room that sometimes makes us feel confused in decorating the room. To decor small room requires a special idea in order to perform optimally. One of the most important to maximize the small room is by choosing and arranging storage appropriately. Storage is a necessity in any home, either for storage of clothing, goods, books, and accessories. Not all types of furniture can be applied to the design of modern storage. Therefore, some ideas storage solutions for small spaces can be applied in your home. There are several types of modern storage concepts, including flexible storage, aesthetic-exposure, and hidden.

Type of flexible storage is storage that is widely used by the occupants of the house and its position will not interfere with the function of other space so as to maximize the utilization of space. While the type of storage-exposure emphasizes the aesthetic aspect of beauty that also serves as the furniture in interior design and normally often put in place that is easily seen and accessible. Storage hidden as its name always hidden or are placed in unexpected places, such as under the stairs.

For those of you who have a small bedroom design, you can apply one of several most appropriate storage. In order to keep your bedroom look comfortable and does not feel cramped, then you can apply interesting ideas such as applying a hidden storage under the bed to sleep. This idea is very appropriate because it would save the narrow room. In addition, this storage is also not interfering with your activities while in the bedroom. Besides under bedding, you can also apply other hidden storage such as storage wall mount.

With some storage ideas for small bedrooms that, you certainly will feel comfortable when in your room that is not too broad. If you’ll notice a small storage room, now you can choose under stairs storage solutions as a very attractive option. This storage is a very smart choice that can save your space because the space under the stairs is a room that is rarely used. Therefore, you can use it as a convenient place to store the equipment.

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