Do you know about frosted windows? If you do not know about it, you will understand more after reading this article. So, frosted window is a window which looks like frosted, so you cannot see outside through the window. It is usually used for living room to protect the sun shine comes inside the room. It is going to make a different look in your living room because the window looks frosted. Beside that it is often used in bathroom. Since you cannot see the outside, so it is going to be a great window for bathroom. So, you do not have to worry if there is somebody peeps at the window.

By using a frosted window, it also makes a unique decoration for your interior. That is why you have to choose interior windows which are suitable for the room. It means interior window for living room exactly different with interior window in bathroom. Usually, an interior window always uses a calm color and a simple design. The color is usually white, and the design depends on the space.

Anyway, there is another unique window for your house, it is glass block windows. The thing that you have to know, it does not look like a common window that you always see, because it is just a glass block. It has a function to let a sun shine comes inside the house and makes the room to be bright naturally.

Glass block window is also used for bathroom, because glass block window is typically the same as the frosted window. So, you cannot see the outside clearly through the glass block. It also makes a unique and beautiful decoration for bathroom and living room from the inside and the outside. By the way, if you need a unique window which has a function like a common window, you should use gothic windows. Gothic window contains with many types such as geometric, reticulated, intersecting, and panel. Those types of gothic window will make your house gets an artistic look from the outside. Now, you have to use frosted, glass block, and gothic window at you house.

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