Formal living room has been popular this year because the decoration around the living room looks more beautiful than others. Since the concept is formal, the furniture are decorated neatly and beautifully. Normally, formal living room has a luxurious look, but you also can make it looks so classic. The important thing in formal living room is the furniture because it is related to the decoration. If you place a modern formal living room furniture, then it makes the formal living room gets a contemporary look perfectly. No matter what the concept is, the formal living room will be looked so incredible all the time. However, there are some ideas to make the living room gets a luxurious look. Check this out!

The first idea that you have to do is definitely choose luxurious furniture and place it in living room. Actually, there are some luxurious furniture that you have to know such as fabric ivory couch with wooden carved. Usually, luxurious furniture has a beautiful design that makes the decoration looks so amazing perfectly. This couch has ivory color and it is made of fabric, as well as there is a beautiful wooden carved on the couch. The best combination to support the sofa is round marble table. Place it in the middle of living room and cover it with a tablecloth to make it looks wonderful.

The second idea that you have to do is make the decoration around the living room looks glamorous. Put two sconces on the wall near by the window in your living room. Especially for the window, you can cover it by using ivory transparent curtain. Then, put a beautiful crystal chandelier in the middle of the living room. Make the living room wall gets an amazing look by using a beautiful painting. Put a carpet on the floor to make the living room gets a cozy look. The last idea that you have to do is build a fireplace in your living room. Since the concept is luxurious, electricity fireplace is the best choice. So, those are formal living room ideas that you have to know.

Some Good Formal Living Room Furniture Ideas

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