Bathrooms became room that is very essential for a home. Without the bathroom, you would not be able to perform activities well. Therefore, as a room that has a vital function, the bathroom should be designed with the maximum that you can feel comfortable when in it. A comfortable bathroom, of course, are well designed and in accordance with its function. Correct application of furniture, it is important to support your activities while in the bathroom. Similarly, the lighting, a bathroom is required to have a window that is next to the room.

For your safety and comfort while in the bathroom, you must be smart in choosing the window. One attractive option is by applying bathroom shutters. There are many designs that can shutter you apply on the bathroom. However, you should pay attention to your bathroom design applied to fit. You can choose as your wood shutter that can be opened or closed at any time.

In addition to the shutter, you also have to apply the proper bathroom door. Of course, the door is a very important part for a bathroom. One of the design choices that you can apply door is a bathroom sliding door. By applying the sliding doors, you will get some important benefits that would benefit you. First, by applying a sliding door, you will save more space.

Sliding door design does not require a lot of space so you do not have to worry about this door will make the room cramped. Secondly, the sliding door is more efficient than other doors. By applying the sliding doors, you will be easier to open and close the door. You will also be more comfortable when going into the bathroom. This is what makes you obliged to choose a sliding door as an option.

Besides windows and doors, you definitely need a bathroom stool while in the bathroom. This serves as a bench where you sit either after or before a bath. Typically, this bench is made of solid wood that looks strong and durable. Various bathroom stools design can be applied as an option for your bathroom. You can choose a bench with foam or natural wood benches.

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