Looking for baby boy bedroom ideas which are suitable for your son? If you say yes, we believe this post will give you some exciting ideas. People already know that bedroom for baby boy and girl are totally dissimilar. I think that is the reason why you have to pick out suitable one. Anyway, boy bedroom should not have to be colorful. Why? Because boy just need something cool and simple in the bedroom. Even though it is simple, you have to make it cool and cozy. This post will tell about interesting super hero baby bedroom ideas.

First idea of super hero baby boy bedroom is Iron Man, the one of Marvel heroes. Every parrent known that mostly boy always likes super hero robot, so iron man can be a good choice to be a concept of bedroom. So, create the room looks like a base camp of iron man. You can begin by changing the wall paint to be red and yellow. Exactly, iron man is identic with red and yellow. After that you can change the bed sheet with the iron man images . To make it more cool, the bedroom decor will be good if you put an iron man carpet and using the wall stickers for wall decoration.Then, put a small cabinet beside of the bed, and put some action figures of iron man there. That’s it! It is going to be looked like iron man bedroom.

Second idea of super hero baby boy nursery is the amazing Spiderman. Actually, the idea is almost the same as the first idea, but the different is you just have to change the super hero with the Spiderman. To create this idea, you have to change the wall paint with red and blue colors domination. Do some creative ideas by paint a spider web on the bedroom wall. So that, the spiderman atmosphere will be more felt in the bedroom. If you have a window in the room, you can change the curtain type with lace. As you know lace looks like web, and it makes the room looks perfect. Therefore, those are two ideas of super hero baby bedroom especially for boy you have to choose.

Baby Boy Bedroom Ideas Gallery Images

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