Bathroom tiling designs are divided into two types, namely the classic or traditional design and the modern or contemporary design. The Contemporary design is typically with shiny design and mostly designs give white, bright or light color. The classic design is typically with calm style. The traditional or classic tile will creates the bathroom looks so traditional, elegant and luxury. The bathroom tiling divided to be two kinds, it is floor tiling and wall tiling. Beauteous tiling creates the bathroom looks so gorgeous than before. Beside that a beautiful tiling makes the bathroom looks so clean and modern. However, there are many bathroom tile design ideas you might like.

As mentioned above, the design is divided into two kinds and the first bathroom tiling design idea is blue lagoon modern design. Just like the name, the concept of bathroom tiling is modern. So, you have to make it looks modern with blue color. There are two steps that you have to know, first is make the floor tiling design and second is make the wall tiling design. Make the floor tiling design with deep blue tiling and then make the wall tiling design with blue sky tiling. By combining two blue colors on the bathroom, it is going to make a calm atmosphere around of your bathroom. Nowadays, bathroom trends always combine two colors to be one. So, it is suitable with the concept of modern because the theme has been trend today.

Then, second bathroom tiling design idea is white and black design. The concept of white and black tiling design is the same as the previous design. You can use white tile color for the floor and black tile color for the wall. White and black creates the kitchen looks so new and unique. Combine the bathroom with bathroom vanity cabinets and sink. The bathroom wiil looks so elegant and gets a modern look. The modern bathroom is typically contain with vanity cabinet and sink. Therefore, those are two designs of floor and wall bathroom tiling you might like.

Bathroom Tiling Designs Gallery Images

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