Choosing black and white bedroom designs is the right choice. This design uses two colors are elegant that can make people who saw it was amazed. For those who have a sense of gothic, choose black and white is the perfect choice. You can give these two colors on the walls, floors, and furniture that are in your room. The first discussion on applying black and white bedroom ideas is that wall. A room will certainly look comfortable when having the right wall. You can give a combination of black and white as an option. Making a black and white striped room or can also make one dominant color can be a very attractive option for you to apply. You can make the most of the walls white and partly black wall. You can create a striped wall with horizontal or vertical design. Horizontal striped design is very appropriate for those who have a narrow room.

The second thing you have to apply to make black and white bedrooms become more leverage by selecting the floor. You can apply the white floor of black marble with a cool room decor. So that the floor looks more balanced, apply black and white carpet can be a very precise way. In addition to the white floor, you can also apply black as the color of your mainstay. Of course, you can also color combine with white color. As for the selection of furniture, black and white selection is very important. Choosing a black bed with a blanket of white is very appropriate for you to apply. Or you can also choose the color white bed with dark room. This room will also be more attractive to the application of black or white cabinets and a desk that is in your room.

In applying this design, you also have to consider that you have a spacious room. If you have a narrow bedroom, you can choose furniture that is not too big. Special to bed, you can choose beds for small rooms with a simple form but still comfortable for you and your partner. Similarly, children’s room, you can apply a multilevel bed so that the room becomes more lax.

Black and White Bedroom Designs Gallery Images

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