A home would have a nice and comfortable interior. If you do not have a nice interior, then everyone who saw will feel bored and not at home. Therefore, you can choose an art deco interior design as a very appropriate choice. The interior design is very distinctive with its chic appearance and has high artistic elements. For example, you can apply a comfortable living room with sofa complete with a variety of comfortable room decor. With the fireplace, the room will feel more warm and harmony. Do not miss a table lamp that is placed on a beautiful table. As the lighting during the day, this room with a window to apply the art deco glass which can give the impression of light for the room. Every guest who comes to your home will definitely be amazed and feel comfortable in this room.

Turning to the bathroom, you certainly do not want this room looks messy, is not it? For that, you can give the art deco design of the bathroom in this room. You can start by giving the decorations on the walls of your room using wall stickers or can also use other accessories such as unique mirrors. Bathroom mirror will be maximal with the beautiful light of the existing lighting on the wall beside the mirror. You need to consider when applying the art deco bathroom customize every detail of the room that the furniture you choose. This will make the bathroom becomes more leverage.

As for the bedroom, this room must be laid out well because this is where you relax after a long day of activity. With a comfortable bedroom, you can surely rest with the maximum. Therefore, you can choose the art deco bedroom. With this design, a room will look comfortable and elegant. Color selection is very important in this design. If you want to have clean, you can apply the white as the main color with gray combination. In addition, as the lighting at night, you can also choose art deco chandelier with a beautiful design and amazing. It will make your room more comfortable.

Art Deco Interior Design Gallery Images

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