Do not have any space in back yard of your house but you want to make a garden? If so, you do not have to worry anymore because you can make a small back garden. Definitely, the biggest problem is your space, so you just need to be more creative guys. You should decorate the plants well in your small space, and it is going to be a beautiful small back garden. Whether it is classic or modern garden, you can make it true in your small back garden. By the way, this article will tell you more about back garden designs and back garden ideas.

The first is going to tell you about small contemporary garden design ideas. The design should be simple because you do not have any space at garden. The only thing that you have to do is divide the garden becomes two small parts. First for planting and then second for placing furniture. Then, plant the flowers on the first part. You can choose many kinds of flower just like what you want such as rose, sunflower, or many more. Since it is small, you should plant one kind of flower to make it beautiful. Next, place the furniture on the second part. You can choose a small wrought iron bench, and you can place a swing. It is going to make the garden gets a contemporary look.

The second one is telling you about small classic cheap garden ideas. If you want to make the garden looks classic and you do not have to spend a lot of money, you just need to be natural. The concept is classic and cheap, so make a classic look in the garden by using wood fence surrounds the garden, and just plant the grass. On the corner of the garden, you can plant many flowers or plants whatever you want. It is going to be looked so classic and beautiful. Furthermore, you do not require big budgets to make this small classic garden. Therefore, those are the designs and the ideas of small back garden. Let’s make it guys!

Back Garden Designs Gallery Images

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