Are you looking for some unique designs to build cool tree houses? If you so, it means you have found the best article about it. Actually, if you want to make the design, you should know about the tree itself. Why? Because the design of tree house is depending on the tree. After you have known about how the tree looks like, so you can continue to make a beautiful design of tree house. The important thing to make a tree house is you should make it in oak tree because oak tree has strong and big wood. However, if you are wondering about it, stay here and keep reading guys.

As mentioned above, to make tree house designs should be suitable with the tree, so there some designs which are suitable for you. First design is hexagonal tree house with circle stairs. The tree house has a hexagonal shape on the tree and it is usually built in the big tree. As you know hexagonal is going to make eight angles on the tree house, it means you need a big design. Since the design is big, you also need a big tree which is strong and suitable. After that you have to make a stair circle the wood to tree house. It is going to make a beautiful and unique look at the same time on the tree house.

After that the second design is square tree house with a vertical stair. Actually, to make awesome tree houses, you just need to be more creative. The more creative you are, the more beautiful and unique the tree house. This second is totally simple because it looks square like normal blue forest tree houses. Furthermore, you can make this tree house in many trees whether it is big or small, but not too small. Then, to make the tree house looks so unique, the stair is vertical. So, you have to climb the stair like a ladder. Therefore, those are the unique designs of cool tree house you might like guys. It is simple and let’s make it true!

Cool Tree Houses Gallery Images

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