Black and white is still a very interesting combination to be applied. Not only for the design of a bedroom or living room, but also for the kitchen. In order for you to feel comfortable when in the kitchen, then you need to apply a smart kitchen design. One of the designs that you can rely on is to apply black and white kitchen ideas. Kitchen with black and white design will look more elegant and modern. This can be seen in black and white that looks very cool and perfect for a contemporary kitchen.

Selection of kitchen furniture is very important to support the idea that these apply to you. You can apply kitchen island, cabinets, bar stool, dining table and also if you have a large room. Black and white can be applied to the furniture-furniture. For the kitchen island, you can apply black on the bottom and white on top of the kitchen island. White marble can be a very appropriate choice as the top layer of Kitchen Island to protect it from the hot food.

In black and white kitchens, you can also apply the walls of the room with a black and white theme. White can be applied in black on the wall while furniture exists in the room. If you have a gothic taste, you can apply black kitchen as a very attractive option. All the rooms are filled with black, including furniture. However, skillful furniture you can combine it with white so the room does not look boring. For the floor, you can also choose wood flooring with natural color as an option. With this application, your kitchen will look very elegant and interesting for you to have.

As for the cabinet, you certainly have to apply black kitchen cabinets so that the room becomes cool. Cabinet does have a very important function in a kitchen. Apart from being a place to store kitchen equipment such as condiments, plates, bowls, and other cabinet can also be a supporter of the cool decorations. However, you must be precise in determining the cabinet. Especially for the kitchen, you should choose a cabinet with a dark color so black and white design looks more leverage. With this kitchen, you definitely will feel comfortable when cooking in the kitchen.

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