Want to make your house looks so classic? If you really want it, you should use slate floors inside of your house. Anyway, do you know about slate floor? If you do not know about it, this article will tell you about that floor more and more. Just like the name, it is a floor which uses a slate. As you know that slate is going to make everything looks so classic. Beside that you can use this floor in every room at your house such as living room, dining room, kitchen, and even in bathroom. When you have used this floor inside of your house, it is going to make an interior classic look automatically. Want to know more? If so, here we go!

By the way, if you have a hearth at your house, you can make it gets a classic look by using slate. Maybe you are bored with a modern look in the hearth and you want to make something different, so just use slate hearth tiles. By using those slate tiles, it is going to make a natural hearth in your house. As you already known that slate has a simple shape, and that simple thing can be an incredible thing in your hearth inside of your house. It also changes the atmosphere around the hearth becomes so classic and natural at the same time. It is simple and you do not have to change your furniture around.

When your interior has been looked so classic by using slate, now you can start to change the exterior. Where is it? Let’s start to change your patio guys. Exactly, you have to make the exterior becomes so classic by using slate patio floor. By the way, there is something different between slates for interior and exterior because slate for patio is typically with a big size, and it is going to make a natural design and view for your exterior house. Furthermore, the design is more natural than interior slate. By combining slate for interior and exterior, it is going to make your house looks classic perfectly. Let’s change guys!

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