If you are interested about the title above, it means you want to change the kitchen at your home becomes bigger than before. Definitely, when you want to make it bigger, you should have a big space. Alright, if you have a big at your home, you can follow the kitchen extensions ideas. The ideas are really simple because you just need to make the kitchen looks bigger. How? You do not need to place kitchen table or maybe kitchen island. That’s it! Just place kitchen cabinet, stove, sink and faucets, and fridge if you want. The idea is totally easy, and it makes the kitchen at your home looks bigger than before.

By the way, if you cannot follow those ideas above because you do not have any space, it means you have to follow the second idea about kitchen family room ideas. Since you do not have any space, you can make the kitchen and the family room becomes one. Usually, this idea has been trend at apartment nowadays because you can maximize the small space become more useful. The idea is really simple because you just need to make the kitchen and the family room are related each other without any divider. So, if you are watching movie on family room, you can see that your friend has been cooking on the kitchen behind of you.

As mentioned above, there is no divider to cover the kitchen or maybe cover the family room, but there is the thing that makes it look different, and it is the kitchen tile. Anyway, there are some kitchen floor tile ideas which make the kitchen looks different. If your family room uses white ceramic tiles, so the best tile idea for your kitchen floor is using black granite tiles. As you know that it makes a contrast decoration on the floor at your apartment or maybe at your home. In addition, it also makes the interior of your home gets a stylish look perfectly. Therefore, those are ideas about kitchen extension for big space, and kitchen family room for small space.

Captivating Kitchen Extensions Ideas Gallery Images

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